Any chance you'll build this to include Lists?

Oct 30, 2009 at 8:08 PM

I have been searching for a web part that I can use to filter on multiple columns in a list. I have used the Advanced Search web part as well as several others, but none of them are quite what I need. I know that there are some available for purchase from 3rd party vendors, but I was really hoping not to have to go that route.



Oct 31, 2009 at 12:26 AM

Hi Beargal,

Interesting - you know that you can already filter on multiple columns in a list using the standard list view web part? Each displayed column can have a filter applied to it - admittedly you have to load the list first then gradually filter down your choices.

This could be quite a simple thing to add but might involve a bit of code rearranging, as the main thrust of this part is to incoporate the search function - with a list there is no full-text search to incorporate, so I'd have to check the possible code-paths to see how much work this would be. But if it's of value I'll certainly look into it.

Can you direct me at these 3rd party parts so I can have a look at them and see what it is that they do differently to the standard listview web part?

I do know that the filter web part connected to a listview web part can only filter on one column at a time - it this what you're looking for? A way around that limitation? A way to pre-wire a set of filters on a listview web part?

Note that the filtered column search returns the results as a big list - not a nice grid/table view like you get in a listview web part (Hmm - must implement pagination, thanks for the reminder!). If you're looking for something that supports a table-like display with views like a standard listview part it would be a big re-write, but if it's simple to do I'm happy to add a feature.




Nov 2, 2009 at 6:27 PM

Hey Ron,

Thanks for the quick reply. I should have provided more details in my original post. Optimally what I'm looking for is the ability to search on (filter) multiple columns within a list along with the ability to choose mulitple items in each column. So I may have 5 columns (columns A-E) in my list and want to choose one item from A, one from B, two from C, two from D, and one from E. I've tried several options - here is a quick recap of each:

1. First I connected a filter web part to DVWP. This works when you enter text, but doesn't include checkbox capability
2. Advanced Search web part. Created multiple Property mappings in CA that correlate to the columns in my list. I then added them to the web part (modified the XML to do so). When I enter one property mapping it works, but when I click on "Add Property" and choose a second property, I get No Results Returned. Basically I can only search on one property at a time. Additionally, this doesn’t iclude a checkbox option. We do have a way to hack the URL to search on multiple properties, but obviously this isn't user-friendly.
3. InfoPath form lookup to List Data Source (similar to VLOOKUP functionalty in Excel). There a few reasons this doesn't work, one being the fact that multiple-selection list boxes are not available in browser-compatible forms.
4. I looked your web part and one other on Codeplex. Yours was close in that it includes the checkbox option but I need to apply this to a list.

I'm not a Developer so this option on MSDN doesn't work for me - I also looked at this from KWiz - and I believe Bamboo Solutions has an offering.