Malformed URL

Apr 19, 2011 at 1:32 PM

Hi Ron, and all.

This Webpart appears to be a helpful tool, but i'm dealing with the following issue.

When I get the results of the search, the url to the document comes malformed: it concatenates the parent_default_view_url with the (correct!) url to the document, wich begins with the site url already.

filename: APROV.doc
hithighlighted summary: 
rank: 0
url: http://prt-portaltst/sdcconcessoes/dn-propostas/teste_jl/aprov.doc
parent library URL: http://prt-portaltst/SDCconcessoes/DN-Propostas/TESTE_JL
search column values:- 
--> field_name: Reference Keywords
--> field_internal_name : Reference_x0020_Keywords
--> field_value : g
--> field_html_value : g
--> parent_default_view_url : /SDCconcessoes/DN-Propostas/TESTE_JL/Forms/AllItems.aspx
--> parent_library_name : TESTE_JL
The url tha comes is the results list is: 
Can you please give me some hint on this matter? I suppose I'm missing something, because I'm sure the web part can work properly.
Many thanks!
Apr 19, 2011 at 3:40 PM

Add to my previou post:

I'm using MOSS 2007