Webpart Troubles...

Sep 20, 2010 at 4:51 PM

Hey sirs! This looks to be a fantastic search filter which could well fulfil my needs to provide a search across a Sharepoint List! However, I'm unfamiliar with the whole .wsp or .sln formats for Sharepoint, and though I've spent several hours this afternoon trying to get things working, I can't seem to... First I tried to install the Solution Installer for .sln files, which then said I had to install Windows Sharepoint Services, which THEN said I had to install Windows Server 2003 SP1, which subsequently told me it did not match this version of Windows. So I'm kinda stuck now. =/

So keeping things simple - is there a .dwp file available for this filtered search? Or would it perhaps be possible to explain how I could go about resolving my issue? Apologies if it's a straightforward thing, I'm pretty new when it comes to all this!

Thanks in advance,



Sep 21, 2010 at 12:30 AM

Hi Nick,


It sounds like you're an end-user, running on a windows xp is similar box, Am I right? Let me see if I can help explain -

To be able to use a web part, it first of all has to be installed on the server. The "dwp" file that you refer to is really a sort of configuration file - when you import it onto a SharePoint web page, it tells the server how to set up a web part. But the web part has to be instaled on the server by the site collection administrator before you can use a dwp file.

So, if you look at the bottom of the "Download" page, there is a section called "Setup". you'll notice that to install it, the setup.bat script needs to be run "on the server", which means thre SharePoint server. So you need to get your site collection administrator to do this for you. He/She may not want to install a beta version on a running server that people depend on - so ask if he/she has a test server set up. There will be a "release" version coming out soon, if there isn't a test server.

Hope this helps,


Oct 1, 2010 at 9:38 AM

Hi Ron,

Thanks for such a quick response, and sorry for taking a bit to get back! Busy times.. I am indeed on XP and I suppose I'm one of the main end-users, though the workspace is eventually to be tailored to make it easy / possible for other end users to make better use of the resource.

I'll need to look out my site collection admin as at this time I'm really not sure who that would be! But otherwise that all makes sense, thanks a lot for the info. =)